Hi Carolyn,

She’s out of the hospital but after shock treatments
can’t remember much. Sounds like a scene from “One Flew Over the
Cukoo’s Nest”. I fear for her future being under Doctor’s care. Most
think the answer to everything is pills. As to Dr. Wallach, I’m in
agreement that a loss of essential minerals from the body causes lots
of problems. Have another friend that is losing his knees to pain but
haven’t go him to investigate Wallach. We’ll see how it goes.


depression – need help

My name is Marci. This is the first real post i made since i’ve
joined. I’m only 14 yet i have been depressed since i was 11.
Resently i got some help but it’s not really working for me. Today
out of nowhere i became really depressed and lost it. All of my
friend who said i could talk to them told me they were to busy. I
guess i found out i have no real friends. Ever since a little over
two months ago i’ve been having break downs. I broke up with my
boyfriend i had had for almost a year. We had been having some fights
and we never got time to work on solving them, so i just went a head
and broke up with him because i didn’t think we’d last any longer. I
was fine for a while and then i finely realized what i had done. I
started breaking down crying. My friend told me i should move on and
find someone else. I ended up hooking up with her boyfriend’s
bestfriend. I like him and all but i still can’t get over my ex. Then
the other day for the first time in like a month i seen my ex. He was
happy. All i can remember is me thinking that i wish i could be that
happy.I should be that happy since i have a great person who loves
me, but i still can’t get over my ex. The other night i was going
through my photoablum and i found pictures of my ex. Today i had 3
break downs and as i was writing this i had another. I hate having
them. I have a help meeting tomorrow and i don’t know if i can take
it long enough to last until then.

Treatments for impotance

I found out i had pc last november i was operated
on dec 22. The cancer was only in the prostate my
first psa test was 0 and i got another one yesterday.My
operation lasted 7 hrs.I got out of the hospital dec 24 and
i was back in the 25th. I would like to know if the
doctors are giving you any treatments for impotence like tadalafil 20mg best price.

The hole where i had my
drain tube was leaking bad my legs were swollen and i
was in very bad pain from the gas they pumped in my
for the operation. I had to stay in the hospital
three more days.They didn’t cut me they only made five
small holes i had no pain from the operation at all
just pain from the gas.

Carol about depression

I am SO tired of this subject! Antidepressants have helped more people than they have harmed. I don’t think people go off the deep end and kill themselves just because of the medicine. I think the one’s who did already had a proclivity toward it. Someone here said “Who takes antidepressants? Depressed people do!” Amen! Yes, there are ‘black box warnings’ on a/d’s that your depression can worsen and thoughts of suicide COULD increase during the beginning of taking them. It also says to let your Dr know if this is happening. As far as people who go whacko and start shooting people, well, they’ve got problems already. And if you’re determined to take the natural route, good for you! I do both. I take a low dose a/d and I exercise every day and I take all kinds of supplements. I hope to get totally off of a/d’s someday. I believe I read that antidepressants are prescribed more than all other medicines combined. Is everyone killing themselves? NO.

To my friend, you know who you are, please take it down a notch with the a/d bashing. Do you realize that you’re probably making some people feel bad about taking meds that they need? Meds that are helping them? What if they take your advice and stop taking them and get really depressed and off themselves? Who’s fault is that? The decision is ultimately up to the person if they want to try a/d’s or take the natural route, but it doesn’t need to be rammed down their throat. You can make documented information available to read for people who want to educate themselves on their choices. Hugo does that. Thank you, Hugo, I’ve learned alot from you. Thank you for making information available in a nice way.

I’m sorry, in advance, if I’ve offended anyone with this post, but I just had to speak my mind.